Holaaaaa Muchachos!!! Your MammaJ here to tell you about the return of Jorje!!!

Ayeeeeee que locuraaaaaaa!!!

Just as el papagayo told your MammaJ, Jorje was on his way home….and just as you may suspect, he was not the same at ALLLL!!!!


It happened the next day, Jorje had been travelling, trying to find his way home for months!!!!

It was a bright and sunny morning, your MammaJ had just finished drinking her coconut special, complete with bananas and papaya….mi favoritooooo!

Suddenly, there he was….no era Jorje…..Hubo un tigre fuera de mi casa!!!!!!

The tiger scared your MammaJ as you can imagine, and of course I had to go and investigate, why was there a tiger in my Dominicana??? Esto no tenía sentido.

SO, your MammaJ gathered her skirts and went to the door….I grabbed the large stick I keep in the closet for such occasions, and I ran outside!

“Tiger! ¿qué quieres?”

The tiger turned very slowly and started walking towards your MammaJ!!!!

Ayeeeeeeeeeeee DIOS where was my Tarzan to save me now????

“Ayudaaaaaaaaaa meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!” I cried!!

Your MammaJ started swinging the stick back and forth and sideways….AYEEEE!!!

Then I realized that this tiger was just standing in front of me, as if thinking “que loca!”

I stopped. Your MammaJ let the tiger speak.

“Hola Mammajuana, es un hermoso día…verdad?”

Your MammaJ was in shock….QUE SCHOCK!!!!!

“Hola tigre….si hay calor!”

Tigre began moving closer, your MammaJ’s thick skirts were nothing compared to this giant beast. Que bestia!!!! DIOSSSS!!!

He was HUGE!!!!! Paws the size of the ripest coconut, a head the size of MammaJ’s front door, a body as wide as a car….ayeeeee!!!!!

He came so close that your MammaJ could see his eyes….why were these eyes so warm and so familiar??? Como el fuego….hmmmm….ayeee!!!!

Then, el tigre spoke again and asked, “¿Amas a Jorje?”

Que?????? Porque??? Why was this tiger asking me about Jorje? How did he know of Jorje? Was Jorje suddenly a celebrity among the animal kingdom????

Que locura!!!!!

I finally took my stick again and ran towards this tiger to show him who was boss and to get him OUT of my area!!!!!

MammaJ raaaaaan…..and rannnn…and RAN!!!!….until suddenly, a very muscular and very familiar set of arms lifted your MammaJ towards the sky….si, al cielo!!!!!

The sun was shining in my eyes and so I couldn’t see who this was….where was the tiger???

“Tigre???????” I yelled!

And then the reply…”No mi Mammajuana…..soy yo.”


Sí, era Tarzán!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayeeee mi amorrrr!!!!! The one I rejected only a day earlier!!!! But where was this tiger??????

This is when Tarzan explained everything to your MammaJ….el tigre y Tarzán eran la misma persona!!!

Now I understood why Tarzan travelled the world…because he was a tiger, because as a tiger, he could go where no man could….and as Tarzan, he could go where no beast ever dared to venture.

Ayeeee mi amor!!! How I regretted giving him up only a day earlier with the hope that Jorje would return!!! Una mujer muy muy muuuuy estúpida!!!

Just imagine the adventures I can have with this tigre! And imagine the amazing life I could lead???? I was so stupid to think that Jorje would return and be able to do the same. Pfftttt DIOS, I always had to rescue him….for example from the shark…el tiburon, among many others.

Here was the real man of your MammaJ’s dreams….but where was Jorje???

¿Aye Jorje, qué te ha pasado?

Finally, TARZAN spoke and asked your MammaJ if she was sure she wanted to wait for Jorje to return….after all he may have been eaten by a tiger on his way home…



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